Organizing your world, project by project

Daily Money Management
Professional Organizing
Downsizing & Relocation




mimkingworks manages your personal finances and keeps them running optimally, handling the daily details, right up to your taxes.  Client accounts are managed remotely, so you can live anywhere.

 Bill-paying & budgeting:

  • Tracking your income and expenses
  • Showing you where your money goes so you can make better choices about spending
  • Avoiding nasty late fees and finance charges
  • Catching incorrect bills and credit card charges 
  • Reviewing accounts for ongoing and additional savings
  • Preparing monthly and year-end reports for tax purposes.  (No more bags of receipts to sort through at tax time.)



Organize every room in your home or office to feel less overwhelmed.   We'll clear the clutter; discard what you don't need, use, or want; and organize the keepers. 

Area by area, room by room.  (Sorry, there is no "magic wand.")

  • Keep those items that are useful, valuable, beautiful, or sentimental  
  • Orderly, organized, labeled, in the right place
  • Get rid of the unwanted; we will donate or try to sell items for you



We do it all when it comes to moving your (or Mom and Dad's) household, overseeing more details than you can possibly imagine exist. 

All of the PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZING benefits plus any or all of these phases:

  • Before your move: organize your belongings - so you're not moving junk
  • During your move: oversee packing, meet the movers at destination
  • After your move: unpack and set up your household for you - come back to a home ready to live in!