Do you see yourself here?

Everyday People

mimkingworks manages the personal funds of, organizes the offices and homes of, and has relocated:

Global company executives

Hollywood entertainers

People in transition (i.e., divorce, widowed, job relocation)

mimkingworks has a special interest in: 

Family Fraud (i.e. analyzing documents and statements)

Asset Discovery (i.e. searching for hidden assets in divorce proceeding)

Aging Parents / Older Adults

mimkingworks manages the transition for Mom and Dad:

Assists in searching (on-site or remotely) for appropriate care facilities (independent, assisted, memory care, skilled nursing);

Manages the move from old to new home/care facility, acting as liaison between family and facility;

Handles the financial transition from old to new home, including insurance policies (LTC) and other benefits at this stage;

When Mom or Dad arrive at their new home, everything is organized: unpacked, put away, bathroom stocked, pictures hung, etc. Ready to enjoy!

Ex-Pats / Living Abroad?

mimkingworks acts as your US agent, manages your state-side finances and affairs and resolves issues on your behalf.

Make your international living experience easier, with peace of mind knowing you have a "point person"  in the US for whatever you might need.