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What Clients Say

John & Carol, London UK

Thank goodness for Mim! Both my wife and I are completely hopeless with figures and math and our accounts were in a constant shambles before we lucked out and found Mim.  She keeps us on the straight and narrow and our bookkeeping is a thing of beauty.  Hire her.  Now. You will be happy you did.

Dan & Mary, St. Louis MO

Mim has been an invaluable partner.  She is extremely well organized, responsive and makes things happen.  Mim pays for herself. She provides us with the gift of time. Priceless.

Beulah, Philadelphia PA

Mim said goodbye this morning after a remarkable week – just after bidding farewell to that ugly brown chest in Dad’s room.  What she has accomplished is phenomenal.  I can hardly recognize the rooms.  All those metal racks and the filing cabinets are gone! And so much else. It’s just unbelievable.

Gaela, Louisville KY

I want to thank you for the terrific help you have been to me and my family.  As you know I was completely overwhelmed before you took over shepherding Mom's finances.  I couldn't begin to keep up with all the mayhem that was taking place in managing Mom's affairs. I know you have saved us a ton of money not to mention my sanity.  I am eternally grateful for your money skills and geriatric parenting advice.  I have complete confidence in you which means that I get to sleep at night rather than fear the future.

Ann, Oakland CA

I can't say enough about Mim's contribution to my quality of life.  Her services help organize all aspects of running a household and/or small business (I have used her for both), greatly reducing the stress of day-to-day life. Taxes are always simple to pull together, bills are paid on time and important documents are in organized reach. 

Julia & Philip, San Francisco CA

We could not survive without Mim. We have worked with her for many years and she keeps us organized and is a pleasure to work with. We trust her implicitly and we enjoy her gentle reminders about all the things we don’t have time for (and which she ultimately then takes care of) and we would recommend her unreservedly – we love her!